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Easel Styles

Easels are a classic and essential tool for the artist. Usually made of wood or metal, there are several shapes and sizes to choose from. Here at Creative-Coldsnow, we carry a variety of easel styles so you will be sure to find one that meets your needs.

When choosing your easel you will want to consider the environment in which you plan to work, the amount of space available, and the medium and the scale in which you will be working.

A-Frame - Also known as Lyre Easels, these easels have a tripod design. Their triangular silhouette provides a sturdy foundation for your painting. A-Frame Easels are great for placement in corners and tight spaces due to their single rear leg which can often be flattened for easy storage. The front two legs are bisected with a shelf. Some models allow the shelf to be adjusted vertically to fit different canvas sizes. A-Frame Easels generally work well for smaller canvases. If you will be working with large canvas, try an H-Frame model.

H-Frame - The main portion of an H-frame easel may have either two or four vertical posts and a horizontal crossbar support that resembles the letter H. These are very solid and sturdy easels with a rectangular silhouette and a rectangular base. Most models can be tilted forward for painting the top of your canvas. Some have crank adjustments and supply tray features that make them ultra-convenient and allows you to work comfortably sitting or standing. H-Frame Easels will work for a variety of canvas sizes and many of them will support giant sizes. Heavier and bulkier than A-Frame or Single Mast Easels, H-Frames are best for permanent studio use, though some models will collapse for storage or transportation.

Field & Portable - These easels, as their name suggests, are perfect for outdoor painting and transportation. These easels are usually made of lightweight wood or aluminum and will be collapsible. Because of their size and weight, they are not recommended for large canvases. A popular style is the sketch-box, or French Easel. French Easels function as a travelling studio. They have a storage box area to store supplies such as paints, pencils, paper and canvas. The legs of French easels fold up for easy carrying.

Single Mast - These easels are great space savers. Their simple, elegant design and ability to collapse makes them ideal for cramped spaces, apartments or dorms. Their basic form also makes them very affordable. Single Mast easels are more budget-friendly and take up less space, but do not offer the same sturdiness and flexibility as A-Frames and H-Frames.

Convertible - Convertible or Hybrid Easels are perfect for artists who enjoy working in different mediums. They can adjust from an upright tilt for oil/acrylic painting to flat for pastel or watercolor work. These super flexible easels most closely resemble H-Frame easels. They are perfect for studio but are often light enough to be moved wherever they are needed.

Table - Table Easels are perfect for artists who work on small canvases, prefer to sit while they work, or for those with limited space. All you need is a sturdy table top! Children, beginners, hobbyists and experienced artists alike enjoy the ease of working on table easels.

Giant - If you are an artist working on a large scale, you will need a giant easel. These easels are bigger versions of standard easel styles with the capacity to hold extra large canvas sizes. Some are double-masted for extra support and have accommodations such as cranks and winches for lifting the canvas.

Display - These easels are used for displaying finished artwork. They are usually lightweight and simply designed. They do not require the same level of stability as studio easels.

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