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X-Acto Vices, Clamps and Cutting Boxes - At least 20% off - X-Acto offers many different tools to make fine detail carving and exact precision cutting easy. Mitre Boxes are metal boxes with slotted sides that guide your saw for accurate mitres with a formed grooved base to hold materials in place. Xacto offers a Pen Vise for drilling and starting accurate holes. X-tra Hands Tool with Magnifier has dual alligator clamps for flexible and accurate work. Holds work in any position for modeling and hobbies.

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X-Acto - 20 Pc Deluxe Boxed Knife Set
Item #: XACX5083
Your Price: $38.99

X-Acto - No. 75 - Deluxe Woodcarving Set
Item #: XACX5175
Your Price: $39.99

X-Acto - Carving Tool Set
Item #: XACX5179
Your Price: $42.49

X-Acto - File Set
Item #: XACX73580
Your Price: $11.52

X-Acto - Needle File Set
Item #: XACX73610
Your Price: $23.69

X-Acto - X-tra Hands - with Magnifier
Item #: XACX75170
Your Price: $20.69

X-Acto - Small Mitre Box Set Carded
Item #: XACX75320
Your Price: $20.69

X-Acto - Mitre Box - Carded
Item #: XACX75330
Your Price: $12.29

X-Acto - XF - Razor Saw Set
Item #: XACX75350
Your Price: $9.79

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