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Xacto - #3 Gold Pen Knife With Cap - Carded

Xacto - #3 Gold Pen Knife With Cap - Carded

Item #: XACX3203

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X-Acto - No. 3 Pen Knife - Carded - X-Acto No. 3 Pen Knife is for cutting lightweight materials such as paper balsa cloth or film. X-Acto blades are extremely sharp!. Type A, all aluminum handle designed for in-the-hand comfort. Gold colored handle. Includes a No. 10 General Purpose blade: precision-crafted of the highest quality carbon steel with hard, sharp points and finely honed cutting edges. It's designed to handle a variety of tasks. Used for precision cutting of lightweight materials such as paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth and film. Includes a plastic screw-on safety cape with pocket clip. Type A Knife.

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