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Winsor & Newton - Monarch - Synthetic - Flat - Size 0

Winsor & Newton - Monarch - Synthetic - Flat - Size 0

Item #: WIN5502000

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Winsor & Newton - Monarch - Synthetic - Flat - Size 0 - Winsor and Newton Monarch Synthetic Brushes are a professional synthetic hair brush that mimics the look and feel of natural Mongoose hair (now an endangered species). Just like Mongoose hair, the polyester filaments in Monarch provide a stiffer alternative to sable hair but are softer than hog bristle which means this brush is excellent for subtle blending, glazing and fine detail work. In addition, because Monarch is synthetic it is more durable than natural hair and has more spring making it better for moving heavy bodied oil colour as well as being less prone to damage from solvents or paint.

Monarch is suitable for oil colour, water mixable oil colour or acrylic colour painting. It has a distinct appearance with hair that is variegated in shades of ivory, gold, brown and each brush has a gold ferrule attached to a long dark brown lacquered handle.

Winsor and Newton Monarch Flat Brushes have a long flat head. Blend, glaze or cover large areas. A traditional flat shape, which can create broad strokes with the flat side or thin strokes with the chisel edge. Greater spring than the short flat and so gives freer marks. Often used with more fluid colour.

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