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Golden - Silkscreen Medium - GOLDEN Silkscreen Medium is a water-borne system designed to blend with acrylic paints for silkscreen application. Increases working time and retards paint from drying in the screen. Safe to use with minimal odor. Mix 1 part Silkscreen Medium with 1 part GOLDEN Acrylic colors (Heavy Body, Matte or Fluid) and use this mixture to screen with. The Silkscreen Medium is not designed to impart opacity, hence the opacity of the mixture will be determined by the nature of color being used and the ratio of paint to Medium used.

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Golden - Acrylic - Silkscreen Medium - 8 oz
Item #: GOL3690-5
List Price: $11.99
Your Price: $8.99

Golden - Acrylic - Silkscreen Medium - 16 oz
Item #: GOL3690-6
List Price: $20.39
Your Price: $15.29

Golden - Acrylic - Silkscreen Medium - 32 oz
Item #: GOL3690-7
List Price: $30.49
Your Price: $22.87

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