Creative Coldsnow Artist Materials & Framing

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Richeson Easels, the economy line of easels created by Jack Richeson & Co., are manufactured through quality automated production by highly skilled craftsmen. They are strong, carefully constructed, well finished and affordably priced easels. These easels are the perfect solution for the cost conscious student or hobbyist looking for excellent, durable equipment at a very attractive price.

BEST Easels are known as some of the finest in the world. Their design, materials and construction set the standard for anyone looking for fine artists equipment. There is no compromise in workmanship or quality. They are amazingly stable, completely functional and truly beautiful. They are everything artists equipment should be.

The Eucalyptus wood used in the Jack Richesons Lyptus Wood Easels come from plantations that blend the managed eucalyptus growth with the native tropic forest rescued from old grazing lands. Lyptus Wood is a new trend in creating more environmentally responsible products.

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