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R & F - Encaustic - 40ml - Egyptian Violet

R & F - Encaustic - 40ml - Egyptian Violet

Item #: RAF104D

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R & F - Encaustic - 40ml - Egyptian Violet - R and F 40 ml. Encaustic Paints are a versatile paint for fine artists, R and F Encaustics are composed of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. In a molten state, R and F Encaustic is applied to an absorbent ground and then fused, or re-melted, to acheive a range of effects, from glass-like smoothness to rich, impasto-like textures. R and F Encaustic Paint is luminous, has good undertone, and is excellent for glazing. Beautiful interplay of tones comes through in laying on a stroke of paint.

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