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Pencil Sharpeners - Choose from our wide selection of sharpeners. Brass Bullet Sharpeners, Wells, Sanpaper Blocks, and more! From brands like Alvin, Dahle, Prismacolor, Art Alternatives, and Caran D Ache. When doing precise drawing, nothing beats a nicely sharpened pencil.

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Art Alternatives - Sandpaper Block
Item #: AAL17600
Your Price: $1.69

Alvin - Magnesium Triple-Hole Sharpener
Item #: ALV9833
Your Price: $5.94

Alvin - Brass Bullet Sharpener
Item #: ALV9866
Your Price: $6.35

Alvin - Brass Double Hole Sharpener
Item #: ALV9867
Your Price: $10.38

Alvin - Brass Wedge Sharpener
Item #: ALV9868
Your Price: $8.75

Alvin - Glass Ink Well Sharpener
Item #: ALVDX-258ON
Your Price: $11.25

Dahle - Metal Wedge Sharpener 301
Item #: DAH53463
Your Price: $4.49

Dahle - Metal 2 Hole Wedge Sharpener 301
Item #: DAH53465
Your Price: $4.99

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