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Pebble Embossed - At least 30% off - The Pebble Embossed Line of Crescent Decorative Matboards are embossed with a small pebble-like pattern. These double-sided boards are white on one side and colored on the other. Crescent Decorative Matboards have a light cream core and provide excellent protection for a majority of framing needs. They have a buffered acid-free pulp core and backing paper. Crescent Mat Boards are also suitable as colored drawing boards and are responsive to acrylic, pen & ink, felt markers, pastels, crayon and watercolours as well as rubber cement.

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Crescent - Pebble Embossed Matboard - 32x40 - White & Cream Pebble
Item #: CRS34
List Price: $7.70
Your Price: $6.55

Crescent - Pebble Embossed Matboard - 32x40 - Black & White Pebble
Item #: CRS3921
List Price: $10.52
Your Price: $7.89

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