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Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film - at least 20% OFF - Mount photos, prints, drawings,and more with Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film. It requires no moisture, glue, heat, or activator. Save by buying large sheets and then cutting them to the size you need. Grafix Double Tack Film is acid free and archival! It has a twin coating of permanent adhesive on two sides of thin film, sandwiched between two heavy release papers. Lift up one of the release sheets, apply the sticky side to the subject, and then remove the other release paper before applying to the surface.

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Grafix - Double Tack Archival - 100 sheet package - 9x12
Item #: GRAKDT912-100
List Price: $126.81
Your Price: $101.45

Grafix - Double Tack Archival - 12 sheet package - 9x12
Item #: GRAKDT912-12
List Price: $23.66
Your Price: $18.93

Grafix - Double Tack Archival - 6 sheet package - 9x12
Item #: GRAKDT912-6
List Price: $13.27
Your Price: $10.62

Grafix - Double Tack Archival - Sheet - 18x24
Item #: GRASDT1824
List Price: $4.95
Your Price: $3.96

Grafix - Double Tack Archival - Sheet - 24x36
Item #: GRASDT2436
List Price: $9.11
Your Price: $7.29

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