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Matboard - At least 30% off - Browse our large selection of quality matboards by Crescent. Varying qualities of board for all your mat design purposes, from archival to decorative. Choose from a wide variety of colors in the latest trends, as well as various surfaces and textures.

Best Quality -These matboards are made of cotton fibers which are naturally acid-free and lignin-free. Cotton is time-tested and naturally free of any chemicals or pollutants that would degrade matboard or artwork. Cotton rag matboard is the natural choice when the highest levels of matting are required for the display, protection and preservation of artwork.

Uses : Valuable works of original art, Rare and antique documents, Items of historical importance, Fine art prints, limited editions, Valuable documents and photographs, Heirloom Needle Art.

Our best quality matboards include Crescent Ragmat and Crescent Museum Ragmat.

Better Quality - These Matboards are made of alpha-cellulose (wood pulp) fibers that have been chemically treated to eliminate the acids and lignins that can degrade the matboard and the artwork. Alpha-cellulose based matboards are suitable for minimum levels of conservation framing and as an alternative to non-conservation matting.

Uses :Fine Art Prints, Limited Editions, Valuable Documents, Photography.

Our better quality matboards include Crescent Select and Crescent Britecores.

Good Quality - These matboards are made of wood pulp that is buffered with calcium carbonate to slow the damage caused by the acid and lignin. Over time, acid and lignin can degrade the matboard and the artwork, so these boards are recommended for decorative matting projects only.

Uses :Decorative Framing and general presentation, Open end reproductions, Posters and decorative art.

Our good quality matboards include Crescent Decorative and Crescent Black Core.

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