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M. Graham Alkyd Fast Dry Medium - M. Graham Walnut Alkyd Oil Medium is concentrated Walnut/Alkyd Medium that thins the color, accelerates drying, and enhances adhesion between layers. Ideally suited for alla-prima and glaze applications, this medium increases surface sheen and flexibility while remaining non-yellowing. Walnut Oil and Walnut/Alkyd Medium are designed to augment the special nature of our oil color, but are completely compatible with other artists' oil colors and mediums.

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M Graham - Walnut/Alkyd Oil - 4oz
Item #: GRM42-420
List Price: $11.75
Your Price: $8.81

M Graham - Walnut/Alkyd Oil - 8oz
Item #: GRM61-420
List Price: $18.10
Your Price: $13.58

M Graham - Walnut/Alkyd Oil - 32oz
Item #: GRM81-420
List Price: $62.95
Your Price: $47.21

M Graham - Walnut Oil/Alkyd - 1 gallon
Item #: GRM91-420
List Price: $179.95
Your Price: $134.96

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