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M. Graham Oil Mediums - Free your studio of dangerous solvents by using walnut oil in place of turpentine or odorless mineral spirit when cleaning brushes. Walnut oil removes color from the artist's brush or tol as effectively as odorless paint thinners without creating a solvent hazard. Walnut oil is a natural vegetable oil that neither evaporates nor removes essential oils. The addition of walnut oil to color will increase flow and slow the drying.

Concentrated Walnut/Alkyd Medium thins the color, accelerates drying and enhances adhesion between layers. Ideally suited for alla-prima and glaze applications, this medium increases surface sheen and flexibility while remaining non-yellowing.

Walnut Oil and Walnut/Alkyd Medium are designed to augment the special nature of our oil color, but are completely compatible with other artists' oil colors and mediums.

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M Graham - Walnut Oil - 4oz
Item #: GRM42-410
List Price: $9.75
Your Price: $7.31

M Graham - Walnut/Alkyd Oil - 4oz
Item #: GRM42-420
List Price: $11.75
Your Price: $8.81

M Graham - Walnut Oil - 8oz
Item #: GRM61-410
List Price: $16.00
Your Price: $11.63

M Graham - Walnut/Alkyd Oil - 8oz
Item #: GRM61-420
List Price: $18.10
Your Price: $13.58

M Graham - Walnut Oil - 32oz
Item #: GRM81-410
List Price: $51.05
Your Price: $38.29

M Graham - Walnut/Alkyd Oil - 32oz
Item #: GRM81-420
List Price: $62.95
Your Price: $47.21

M Graham - Walnut Oil - 1 gallon
Item #: GRM91-410
List Price: $154.95
Your Price: $116.21

M Graham - Walnut Oil/Alkyd - 1 gallon
Item #: GRM91-420
List Price: $179.95
Your Price: $134.96

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