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Liquitex - Acrylic Fluid Medium - Matt Medium - 473ml - 16oz

Liquitex - Acrylic Fluid Medium - Matt Medium - 473ml - 16oz

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Liquitex - Acrylic Fluid Medium - Matte Medium - 16 oz - Fluid Mediums perform much in the way that their name implies, they are fluid in nature and reduce viscosity of heavier paints and gels, tend to self-level and do not retain brushstrokes. Fluid Mediums modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and contain acrylic resins to maintain or enhance adhesion and durability.

Liquitex Medium Matte Medium is a classic medium used to give fluidity to deligate brushwork or to act as a a low sheen adhesive for collage. This medium has a creamy consistency and is great with opaque colors. Mix with Gloss Medium and Varnish to create a customized satin effect.

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