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Kemper Tools Sets - Kemper offers quite a few different Tool Sets for experienced and begining sculptors alike. For Beginners, we recommend the Kemper Pottery Tool Kit, its perfect for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom. Used by schools and universities around the world, this kit is packaged in a reusable, clear vinyl bag with pockets to keep your tools together during travel or storage. Kit contains one each: Loop Tool, Ribbon Tool, Potter's Rib, Needle Tool, Wood Modeling Tool, Sponge, Scraper, and Wire Clay Cutter.

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Kemper - Beginner Kit - BK
Item #: KEMBK
Your Price: $10.99

Kemper - Burnishing Tools - C3
Item #: KEMC3
Your Price: $2.89

Kemper - Greenware Cleaning Kit - GCK
Item #: KEMGCK
Your Price: $5.29

Kemper - Rose Stick Set - KRSI
Item #: KEMKRS1
Your Price: $2.89

Kemper - Pottery Tool Kit - PTK
Item #: KEMPTK
Your Price: $21.99

Kemper - Ribbon Tool R Series Sculpting Set - RSS
Item #: KEMRSS
Your Price: $17.89

Kemper - Stein Pin and Nuts Set - SPN
Item #: KEMSPN
Your Price: $9.59

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