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Kemper Clay Clean-Up Tools - Use both blades of the Kemper Clean Up Tool for smoothing those hard to reach areas of your piece as well as trimming and cleanup. Blades are made from stainless steel, making this tool 8 1/2 inches total in length. Kemper Deep Cleaner Tools is designed for smoothing uneven areas and small bubbles on the inside bottom of large vessels, mugs and cups. This 8 inch long tool has stainless steel ends that are sharp and beveled.

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Kemper - Deep Cleanup Tool - A2
Item #: KEMA2
Your Price: $4.59

Kemper - Cleanup Tool - B3
Item #: KEMB3
Your Price: $3.79

Kemper- Clean Up Tool - BB
Item #: KEMBB
Your Price: $4.19

Kemper - Deep Cleaner - DPC
Item #: KEMDPC
Your Price: $4.19

Kemper - Cleanup Tool - K23
Item #: KEMK23
Your Price: $3.89

Kemper - Cleanup Tool - K24
Item #: KEMK24
Your Price: $4.09

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