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Kemper - 4 Small Teardrop Cutters - PCSTS

Kemper - 4 Small Teardrop Cutters - PCSTS


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Kemper - 4 Small Teardrop Cutters - PCSTS - The Kemper Small Teardrop Cutters are used to cut various sizes and shapes of clay, bread dough, or gum paste to create animals, faces, flowers, trims and other decorations for jewelry, frames, trinket boxes and much more. Use the inside pattern shape or the outside pattern cutout. With a cookie cutter like action, the inside plunger allows you to pop out the clay inside. Cut through the walls for candles or pressing into the surface of clay for designs of shape outlines. Cutters are made from rust-free brass with a spring returned plunger. Available in a variety of sets.

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