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Hot Sticks 13ml Trans Rd Eart

Hot Sticks 13ml Trans Rd Eart

Item #: ENK18495

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Transparent Earth Red
Pigment Light Fastness Rating: I Excellent

You might ask why we would mill a Transparent Red Earth when we have other colors that are similar, such as Burnt Sienna, Pompeii Red, even Mars Venetian and Mars Terracotta. The answer is this. We know that at first glance, pigments may appear similar, but to an artist the difference comes in the mixes. Transparent Red Earth has deep, rich red undertone, which make it a natural for extending with either Wax Medium or XD Wax Medium to create a glaze. Certain pigments will lose their strength when extended, but Transparent Red Earth will hold its own due to the strong tinting power. In fact, the true beauty of this color is found when mixed with Wax Medium or mixed with other transparent colors.

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