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Hot Sticks 13ml Naphthol Red

Hot Sticks 13ml Naphthol Red

Item #: ENK18228

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Naphthol Red
Pigment Light Fastness Rating: I Excellent

We have found Naphthol Red to be a most versatile Red, especially when artists are looking for the Cadmium ôlookö but with a more translucency ability. Naphthol Red is a super high tinting strength red that is most similar to Cadmium Red Medium in hue. It is slightly cooler than Cadmium Red Medium, but does not grey off to the degree that Cadmiums will do when mixed with other colors. Naphthol Red is in our Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Introductory and Academy Sets. Because Naphthol Red is semi-transparent in nature it is suitable for glazing as well.

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