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Hot Sticks 13ml Nap Yllw Redi

Hot Sticks 13ml Nap Yllw Redi

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Naples Yellow Reddish (Formally Called Portrait Tone 1)
Pigment Light Fastness Rating: I Excellent

Our Naples Yellow Reddish is a composite of pigments specifically created to address the needs of the artist. If you look at Naples Yellow paints in oils and other encaustic manufacturers, you will see there is a range from the palest muted yellows to deep yellows with a slight orange note. Since we already manufacture several pale yellows, we wanted to provide you with a Naples Yellow with a slight reddish cast. Naples Yellow Reddish is in our Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Portrait Set and Extended Portrait Set. Naples Yellow Reddish was formerly called Portrait Tone 1.

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