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Holbein Oil Mediums - Holbein Painting Oil is a variety of painting oil to elicit various favorable characteristics of oil colors and to play a complementary role in oil painting.
Holbein Poppy Oil is a type of glossing oil made from condensed poppy oil. Try to mix oil colors with this oil alone, without the combined use of other mediums, and the result will be a painting od such high gloss, as to appear similar to enamels. The use of Holbein Poppy Oil is an individual choice and many artists enjoy its features in application.
Holbein Spike Lavender Oil is distilled from a variety of the lavender plant family, this fragrant oil has properties similar to turpentine, but has a greater tendancy to oxidize or gum. However Holbein Spike Lavender Oil does not evaporate as readily.

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Holbein- Spike Lavender Oil - 55ml
Item #: HLB-0527
List Price: $39.95
Your Price: $29.96

Holbein - Painting Oil - 200ml
Item #: HLBO-405
List Price: $26.25
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Holbein - Poppy Oil - 200ml
Item #: HLBO-413
List Price: $63.00
Your Price: $47.25

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