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Holbein Varnish - It has been said that Oil Colors are the actors on the stage, whilst the Painting Oils, Varnishes and Mediums are the Directors. The finished production is the combination of the Oil colors brilliantly acting their parts on the surface, while being directed by the Painting Oils, Varnishes and Mediums from behind the scenes. Never think of Painting Oils, Varnishes and Mediums just as thinners for Oil colors, they are more than that. The entire painting technique can be controlled by these directors in your production. Holbein uses the very finest ingredients to produce various Painting Oils, Varnishes and Mediums now accalimed throughout the world.

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Holbein - Ventian Turpentine - 55ml
Item #: HLB528
List Price: $26.50
Your Price: $19.88

Holbein - Petrole - Spirt of Petroleum - 200ml
Item #: HLBO-400
List Price: $23.55
Your Price: $17.66

Holbein - Retouch Varnish - 200 ml
Item #: HLBO-423
List Price: $29.25
Your Price: $21.94

Holbein - Retouch Varnish - 55 ml
Item #: HLBO-523
List Price: $9.95
Your Price: $7.46

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