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Grumbacher Fast Dry Medium - Grumbacher Japan Drier is a traditional drier that can be added to oil paints to speed drying time. Grumbacher Japan Drier improves flow, and gloss.
Grumbacher Zec Medium is a colorless gel medium that speeds drying time. It will not decrease the consistency or body of your oils colors. Grumbacher ZEC Medium should be used on rigid supports.
Grumbacher Cobalt Drier Medium is an additive for the preparation of olifa (varnish) and artists' oil mediums. Grumbacher Cobalt Drier speeds drying. Add small amounts to your medium and mix well. Test before using.

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Grumbacher - Zec Medium - 150ml
Item #: GRU411
List Price: $25.40
Your Price: $19.05

Grumbacher - Japan Drier - 2.5oz
Item #: GRU557-2
List Price: $12.45
Your Price: $9.34

Grumbacher - Cobalt Drier - 2.5oz
Item #: GRU594-2
List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $12.71

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