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Grafix - Cling Film - Blue - 6 sheet package - 9x12

Grafix - Cling Film - Blue - 6 sheet package - 9x12


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Grafix - Cling Film - Blue - 6 sheet package - 9x12 - Static Cling Vinyl Film by Grafix Plastics is a PVC Film, that sticks / clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal surfaces. It sticks to these surfaces without any adhesive and can be removed without leaving behind any residue. Grafix Cling Film is ideal for a variety of graphics, craft and decorative applications such as signs, decals, window graphics, door covering, protective masking and much, much, more.

Product Features:

  • Removable with no residue left behind
  • Comes on Lay-Flat 8pt. release board
  • Stocked in 9 colors (including clear and white)
  • Easy to work with (Great for Sign Fabricators)
  • Won't lose its shape, color or cling

Printability:This film is not top coated for printing. However it can be printed by the following methods given that the appropriate inks are used (please consult your ink vendor)

  • Screen Printing
  • UV Offset
  • UV Flexography (with primer ink as the first color)
  • Thermal Transfer

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