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Golden Open Mediums - GOLDEN Mediums offer artists infinite control of changing acrylic colors. Use Mediums to control transparency, viscosity and surface sheen. GOLDEN Mediums can be thought of as colorless paints, as they are composed of similar polymers as are the acrylic paints. They are the "glue" or binder that dry to form continuous, durable films. They are made of 100% acrylic polymers, which have proven to have excellent flexibility and chemical, water and ultraviolet radiation resistance.

Apply Golden OPEN Gel or Medium directly to the paint film, brushing back and forth until the paint has been reconstituted. Even after OPEN paint films have initially set up and become tacky, they can still be reactivated, although more extended or vigorous brushing might be required. Using Golden OPEN Gel or Medium for this process will help maintain film integrity and provide maximum working time. While water and Golden OPEN Thinner are also usable, they are very aggressive at reactivating OPEN paint films and should be used sparingly to prevent partially dried films from lifting altogether.

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Golden - Acrylic Medium - Open 8 oz - Gel (Gloss)
Item #: GOL3135-5
List Price: $16.49
Your Price: $12.37

Golden - Open Acrylic - Gloss Medium - 4 oz
Item #: GOL3725-4
List Price: $9.59
Your Price: $7.19

Golden - Open Acrylic - Gloss Medium - 8 oz
Item #: GOL3725-5
List Price: $15.69
Your Price: $11.77

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