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Glassine Paper and Rolls - Glassine paper is wonderful when you use it as a slip-sheet when storing your best work to keep it safe and sound. Glassine is also great for protecting delicate pastels during transport. Some artists even use glassine as a ground to create multi-dimensional painting effects. Bee Paper and Canson both make a quality glassine that is great for drawing and tracing.

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Bee Paper - Glassine Tracing - Roll - 24in x 20yds
Item #: BEE522R-2024
List Price: $31.99
Your Price: $22.39

Borden & Riley - #25G Glassine Paper Roll - 24x20
Item #: BRD25GR242000
List Price: $15.70
Your Price: $11.03

Canson - Glassine Paper Roll - 36in.x10yds.
Item #: CAN100510829
List Price: $24.00
Your Price: $19.20

Canson - Glassine Paper Roll - 48in.x10yds.
Item #: CAN100510832
List Price: $31.75
Your Price: $25.40

Canson - Glassine Paper - 25lb. - White Sheet - 24x36in.
Item #: CAN100511215
List Price: $1.50
Your Price: $1.20

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