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Flint Hills Clay - 50 lb - Raku

Flint Hills Clay - 50 lb - Raku


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Flint Hills Clay - 50 lb - Raku - Flint Hills Raku Clay is a highly porous, open clay with a specially formulated body. Our raku clay contains 10% grog making for a coarse texture clay that is quite versatile, great for a variety of uses. Raku clay is perfect for potters. Raku clay is a toothy clay with a broad firing range. Flint Hills Raku Clay is popular with educational and recreational groups as it is a very versitile clay that can be used for crafting, sculpting, and a range of techniques. Raku fires at cone 06-2. Raku clay goes from a very warm white color with a hint of pink at cone 4 to a brighter warm white at cone 6.

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