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Flint Hills Clay - 50 lb - 6 Buff

Flint Hills Clay - 50 lb - 6 Buff

Item #: BST6BUFF

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Flint Hills Clay - 50 lb - Buff - Flint Hills Buff Clay lightly textured stoneware clay with a very wide firing range for all clay working techniques. Buff clay has no grog making it great for throwing and shaping. Buff Clay is very light, white, buff color at cone firing range, it becomes a warm, light white buff color at Cone 6. The color of buff clay begins to turn a soft gray color at Cone 9. Reduction firin9 at cone 0 produces a warm medium brown color with a soft speckle. Buff is an all purpose clay, with a light color suitable for glazing in all colors. This versitile clay is recommended firing at cone 5-8 oxidation.

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