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Charcoal and Graphite Fixatives - Fixative Spray Finish offers smudge proof protection for pencil, charcoal, pastel, and chalk and stops bleeding between layers of tempera, casein, and watercolors. Spray Fixative also protects blueprints and ozalid reproductions and workable fixative dries with a workable tooth.

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Krylon - Workable Fixatif Spray - 11 oz
Item #: KRY1306
Your Price: $11.88

Final Fixtive Spray Gloss11.75
Item #: SAN543
Your Price: $11.45

Grumbacher - Myston Workable Fixative Spray - Matte - 11.75oz
Item #: SAN546
Your Price: $10.40

Sennelier - Delecroix Aersol Fix
Item #: SEN10-135267
Your Price: $22.75

Sennelier - Latour Pastel Fixative - 400ml Aerosol
Item #: SEN10-135277
Your Price: $22.75

Sennelier - d'Artigny Oil Pastel Fixative - 400ml
Item #: SEN10-135287
Your Price: $29.25

Sennelier - Lascaux Fix 300Ml
Item #: SEN30-1060
Your Price: $39.95

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