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Eco-House Wax Mediums - Eco-House Damar Resin Crystal is a natural tree resin derived from the viscous sap of the Southeast Asian damar pine. The tree sap is collected and by air drying separated into the volatile turpentine and the solid damar resin. It is used to make various traditional painting preparations, such as varnish and medium.
Eco-House White Bees Wax Pellets has no additives, it is used for fine art and craft applications. Eco-House White Bees Wax Pellets is for use in painting mediums melt in a double-boiler and blending with Eco-House #115 Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner.

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Eco-House - Damar Resin Crystal - 16oz
Item #: ECO950016
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Eco-House - Damar Resin Crystal - 2.5oz
Item #: ECO950025
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