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Eco-House Linseed and Oil Additives - Eco-House Light Refined Linseed Oil is a very light linseed oil that is mostly used as a fine oil painting medium or as a raw material ingredient in painting mediums.
Eco-House Linseed Stand Oil is a light-coloured, pre-polymerized linseed oil, which increases lustre and water-resistence in a paint coat. It is mainly used in fine oil painting mediums and wood finishes.

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Eco-House - Light Refined Linseed Oil - 4 oz
Item #: ECO910004
Your Price: $7.90

Eco-House - Light Refined Linseed Oil - 32 oz
Item #: ECO910032
Your Price: $29.90

Eco-House - Linseed Stand Oil - 4oz
Item #: ECO912004
Your Price: $9.30

Eco-House - Linseed Stand Oil - 32oz
Item #: ECO912032
Your Price: $35.50

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