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Eco-House Fast Dry Mediums - Eco-House Cozica Drier Blend is an aromatics-free drier mix designed for optimal synergy between its 3 active components Cobalt , Zirconium and Calcium octoates which are dissolved in # 115 Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner. Added in tiny quantities Eco-House Cozica Drier Blend helps linseed oil and standoil coats to dry through and to shorten dry times.
Eco-House Heavy Damar Medium is an (almost) traditional resin-oil painting medium containing damar resin and linseed standoil as binders. The main difference from the traditional 1:1:1 formula is the use of the mild Eco-House solvent system instead of turpentine and the addition of lead-free driers (cobalt-zirconium-calcium octoates), which reduce the drying time substantially. Eco-House Heavy Damar Medium has a rather heavy consistency resulting in a rich glaze finish, if used undiluted.

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Eco-House - Cozica Drier Blend - 4oz
Item #: ECO921004
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Eco-House - Heavy Damar Medium - 4oz
Item #: ECO955004
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Eco-House - Heavy Damar Medium - 32oz
Item #: ECO955032
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