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Digital Media Papers by Strathmore - As digital art evolves, Strathmore continues to develop papers that meet our rigorous standards while providing digital artists with a selection of unique paper surfaces to print on. A large assortment of textures from vellum to metallic give your digital artwork a distinctive look and feel. Cards, calendars and photo album kits provide simple ways to share your projects with friends and family.

Strathmore Ink jet Paper - Inkjet paper is the ideal surfaces for reproducing artwork, photographs and craft projects using today's technology. These high quality inkjet papers produce excellent results in desktop inkjet printers. Choose from many texture surfaces from canvas, to watercolor paper and even metallized papers.
Strathmore Digital Photo Paper - Inkjet Photo Papers are an easy to use line of paper products for your digital media. These quality Inkjet Photo Papers are priced affordably and provide everything you need to take a photo project from start to finish. Inkjet Photo Papers are coated to produce vibrant, realistic color and work with both pigment and dye-based inks. Choose from glossy and matte photo papers, to translucent vellum, and now available, iron on tranfer papers.

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Strathmore - Inkjet Paper - Satin Board - 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-401
Your Price: $15.59

Strathmore - Inkjet Paper - Ulltra Gloss - 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-520
Your Price: $17.39

Strathmore - Inkjet Paper - Radiant Gloss - 8.5X11
Item #: STR59-530
Your Price: $18.69

Strathmore - Inkjet Cards - Pearl - 5x7
Item #: STR59-613
Your Price: $10.69

Strathmore - Inkjet Cards - Gloss - 5x7
Item #: STR59-614
Your Price: $10.29

Strathmore - Inkjet Cards - Matte - 5x7
Item #: STR59-615
Your Price: $10.29

Strathmore - Inkjet Photo Paper - Glossy - 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-632
Your Price: $11.59

Strathmore - Inkjet Photo Paper - Matte 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-635
Your Price: $11.59

Strathmore - Inkjet Paper - Texture - 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-701
Your Price: $14.29

Strathmore - Inkjet Paper - Translucent Vellum - 50 Sheets - 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-853
Your Price: $14.99

Strathmore - Laser Translucent Vellum Paper - 8.5x11
Item #: STR59-854
Your Price: $14.99

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