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Fredrix Cross Braces - At least 20% off - Fredrix Cross Brace Brackets allow you to secure Fredrix Cross Braces without cutting into the strips. These patented Fredrix Cross Brace Brackets may be removed while painting and replaced without distorting the frame. Fredrix Cross Brace Brackets are made from the same quality kiln dried SPF grade wood as Fredrix Stretcher Strips and are molded on modern woodworking machines to ensure a smooth and tight fit.

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Fredrix - Cross Brace - Standard - 24in
Item #: TAR7224
List Price: $1.36
Your Price: $1.09

Fredrix - Cross Brace - Standard - 30in
Item #: TAR7230
List Price: $1.67
Your Price: $1.34

Fredrix - Cross Brace - Standard - 36in
Item #: TAR7236
List Price: $1.99
Your Price: $1.59

Fredrix - Cross Brace - Standard - 40in
Item #: TAR7240
List Price: $2.51
Your Price: $2.01

Fredrix - Cross Brace - Standard - 48in
Item #: TAR7248
List Price: $3.14
Your Price: $2.51

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