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Connoisseur Hake Brushes - Connoisseur Hake brushes utilize the softest white sheep hair. The flat, wide traditional hake brush is ideal for applying thin media over large areas. Perfect with sizing, gluing and as a wash brush. Connoisseur Hake Brushes have a flat handle combined with soft hair allows excellent brush control. Natural wood handle is hand split and double sewn. Connoisseur fine artist brushes are hand crafted. Only the best natural hair or synthetic fibers are utilized in the manufacture of this premium line of brushes. Other types of hairs and hake brushes are also available.

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Connoisseur - Hake Brush - 1x1-1/4
Item #: CNR150-1
List Price: $10.95
Your Price: $7.12

Connoisseur - Hake Brush - 1-1/2x1-1/4
Item #: CNR150-1-1/2
List Price: $12.95
Your Price: $8.42

Connoisseur - Hake Brush - 2x1-1/4
Item #: CNR150-2
List Price: $16.50
Your Price: $10.73

Connoisseur - Hake Brush - 2-1/2x1-1/4
Item #: CNR150-2-1/2
List Price: $18.95
Your Price: $12.32

Connoisseur - Hake Brush - 3x1-1/4
Item #: CNR150-3
List Price: $23.15
Your Price: $15.05

W&N Hake Brush - 2-1/2 flat
Item #: WIN5245250
List Price: $20.99
Your Price: $13.64

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