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Colour Shaper - Flat Chisel Soft - 2

Colour Shaper - Flat Chisel Soft - 2

Item #: CSH11402

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Colour Shaper - Flat Chisel Soft - 2 - Colour Shapers are highly versatile new painting tools from Royal Sovereign.

They have a silicone tip and are available in 5 shapes, 3 levels of firmness and 5 sizes. There is also a wide shaper available for decorative effects and DIY applications. Colour Shaper allows you to move paint easily, apply pastel, carve images in wet paint, sculpt clay and creatively decorate walls and furniture, the possibilities really are endless! And because they do not absorb paint like a brush, you can simply wipe them clean.

These tools are a valuable additional resource for anyone who enjoys arts or crafts - they are a perfect complement to your brushes.

Flat Chisel - Blend and mix paint on the palette and create flat even strokes of colour. Available in sizes 0,2,6,10,16.

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