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Using a digital flatbed UV printer, Pina Zangaro will print logos, names or other art, including half-tones and photographs, on nearly the entire Pina Zangaro product line in brilliant full color. The ink is cured by UV lamps and is permanent.

Ordering Guidelines
Color Imprinting  
Bamboo, Bex, Boro (No AttacheÆ 2 Cases), Camden, Frost, Machina, Olema, Tera, Vista (No 2 inch Binders)  
Color Imprinting Artwork Requirements
  1. We accept EPS files created in Illustrator, Corel Draw, and InDesign. Files created in Photoshop must be submitted at a minimum resolution of 300 ppi.
  2. All type must be converted to outlines.
  3. Artwork must be sized at 100%, the exact size to be printed.
  4. Artwork must be submitted in CMYK. Files that specify Pantone colors must use Pantone solid coated
    swatches and are subject to Color Match Fees of $50 per color
  5. Email artwork and order details to: In the body of the email please include: name, phone number, email address, name of Authorized Pina Zangaro Dealer, imprinting method, product to be imprinted and orientation and exact positioning of your artwork on the product. (For example: ôbottom of logo to be positioned ___inch(es) from bottom edge of product and ___inch(es) from right edge of productö or ôlogo to be centered left to right and top to bottomö.) Upon receipt of your email the Imprinting Department at Pina Zangaro will reply to you with a confi rmation and an expected ship date. You will also be emailed if all required information is not provided or if there is a problem with the fi le submitted.
  6. Questions? 800-926-7462 or
Pina Zangaro - Color Imprinting - 1 Run - Standard Turnaround
Item #: PNZ99102
Your Price: $72.00

Pina Zangaro - Color Imprinting - 10-24 Run - Standard Turnaround
Item #: PNZ99102 - QTY-10-24
Your Price: $26.00

Pina Zangaro - Color Imprinting - 2-4 Run - Standard Turnaround
Item #: PNZ99102 - QTY-2-4
Your Price: $58.00

Pina Zangaro - Color Imprinting - 25-49 Run - Standard Turnaround
Item #: PNZ99102 - QTY-25-49
Your Price: $16.00

Pina Zangaro - Color Imprinting - 5-9 Run - Standard Turnaround
Item #: PNZ99102 - QTY-5-9
Your Price: $40.00

Pina Zangaro - Color Imprinting - Single - Sonic Turnaround
Item #: PNZ99105
Your Price: $144.00