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Best Earth Clay - 50 lb - Stoneware II

Best Earth Clay - 50 lb - Stoneware II

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Best Earth Clay - 50 lb - Stoneware II - Best Earth Stoneware II Clay is a blended clay made for specific working properties and a wide firing range. This blended clay is a combination of several clays chosen for their plasticity. Grog and coarse fire clays are added at different measurements to increase texture and set this clay apart from the other stoneware clays. Stoneware I is superb texture for throwing, hand sculpture and a variety of methods. Stoneware clay is ready to go, this mixture of clay needs very little softening or wedging and is ideal for dishes, statues, decorative crafts and much more. Stoneware II fires to a warm speckled buff color at cone 04-8 oxidation, and is dark brown after reduction firing.

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