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Bee Paper Tracing and Transfer Paper - Bee Paper Tracing Vellum and Transfer Papers are premium quality. Aquabee new improved formulation is a 30% PCW recycled sheet; and is neutral pH, lignin free, chemical free, and FSC Certified Tracing Paper. Bee Paper Gateway Tracing Vellum is an extremely dense, non-porous sheet, excellent for use with markers, pen and ink and pencil. Inspiring paper values that enhance techniques in every art medium. The Aquabee line of artist papers are among the most widely known in the United States.

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Borden & Riley - #25G Glassine Paper Roll - 24x20
Item #: BRD25GR242000
List Price: $15.70
Your Price: $11.03

Borden & Riley - #51H Tracing Paper Roll - 24x20
Item #: BRD51HR242000
List Price: $19.48
Your Price: $15.58

Borden & Riley - #51H Monroe Parchment Tracing Paper Roll - 36x20
Item #: BRD51HR362000
List Price: $29.22
Your Price: $20.45

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