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Atelier - Interactive Artists Acrylic - 80ml - Paynes Grey

Atelier - Interactive Artists Acrylic - 80ml - Paynes Grey

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Atelier - Interactive Artists Acrylics - 80ml - Paynes Grey - Unlike traditional acrylics, all 75 of these INTERACTIVE colors do not suddenly form a skin. ATELIER INTERACTIVE ARTIST ACRYLICS changes the painting process, giving you plenty of time to blend and rework and giving you more creative freedom. The patent-pending formulation allows even touch-dry paint to be reworked or ragged-off to blend or reveal layers. Archival quality and lightfast, the intense colors dry to a satin-like finish without a plastic look or feel and minimal color shift.

There are several benefits of Interactive, this artist acrylic paint allows reblending and reworking all day. In dry conditions you will need to replace water being lost through evaporation by spraying with water from time to time. Paint has a smooth, buttery consistency that dries satin. Loses moisture gradually allowing an artist to control the drying process. Wet-in-Wet painting can be altered, considered or developed in the artistsĀ¦ own time rather than being dictated by fast-drying paint. Excellent for silkscreen, lino block and monotype printing processes.

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