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ArtBin - Super Satchel Cube

ArtBin - Super Satchel Cube

Item #: ABN6855SC

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ArtBin - Super Satchel Cube - Super Satchel Cube is manufactured in the U.S.A. using the highest quality MDF board construction! Each cube comes with instructions and all the hardware for easy assembly. The interior walls of each cube are pre-drilled with a series of rows or ports to accommodate custom designed rails which acts as a support system. The Super Satchel boxes slide in and out for easy access to all of your stored supplies! Each Super Satchel Cube comes with 6 sets of rails which allows you to store both slim, deep, and double deep Super Satchel Boxes. Super Satchel Cube is also stackable.< /br>** Some Assemble Required

Dimensions - 15.50 x 16.75 x 15.625 inches (39.37 x 42.54 x 13.08 centimeters)

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