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Ampersand - Aquabord - Deep Cradled - 2in Profile - 11x15

Ampersand - Aquabord - Deep Cradled - 2in Profile - 11x15

Item #: AMPCBTW115

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Ampersand - Aquabord - Deep Cradled - 2in Profile - 11x15 - Ampersand's Aquabord is a clay coated hardboard panel that gives watercolorists unprecedented freedom and control. Comparable to watercolor paper, this multimedia Aquabord panel simulates the absorbency and texture of cold pressed but allows color to be lifted back to white easily while also leaving the richest, most vibrant color possible. The reworkable surface of the Aquabord Panel provides natural looking highlights, fluid glazes, transparent subtle layers, and the ability to lift color while the surface is wet or even after it is dry. The truly amazing part is that finished watercolors can be sealed with Claybord Fixative and displayed without glass!

This Aquabord Panel features innovative and elegant cradles that provide extra support and presentation all in one. This panel comes with deep 2in birch plywood strips that are attached flush with the back edge of each panel. The plywood sides can be stained, painted, gessoed, waxed or left unfinished to customize and enhance your work. It can also either be used to paint on directly or as supports on which to mount watercolor papers, photographs, fabrics and prints. The cradled panels will save you valuable painting time, as well as framing and carpentry costs!

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