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Alvin Sharpeners and Pointers - Alvin Sharpeners include a wide range of lead sharpening tools. Alvin offers a Rotary Sharpener that fastens to a ledges or surface. Lead Pointers sharpen the tips of large 2mm leads. Brass and Cup Pencil Sharpeners are also available. Alvin is one of the primary sources for drafting supplies and drawing equipment in the country. Creative Coldsnow is a pround retailer of Alvin graphic arts, drafting and fine arts products.

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Alvin - Mini Lead Pointer
Item #: ALV9800
Your Price: $1.28

Alvin - Magnesium Triple-Hole Sharpener
Item #: ALV9833
Your Price: $6.25

Alvin - Brass Bullet Sharpener
Item #: ALV9866
Your Price: $6.58

Alvin - Brass Double Hole Sharpener
Item #: ALV9867
Your Price: $10.83

Alvin - Brass Wedge Sharpener
Item #: ALV9868
Your Price: $9.58

Alvin - Rotary Lead Pointer
Item #: ALVALP41
Your Price: $10.75

KUM - Long Point Pencil Sharpener - 2 Hole
Item #: ALVAS2KM
Your Price: $8.50

Alvin - Auto-Feed Desk Mount Pencil Sharpener
Item #: ALVB22
Your Price: $21.50

Alvin - Glass Ink Well Sharpener
Item #: ALVDX-258ON
Your Price: $11.50

Alvin - Lead Pointer with Clamp
Item #: ALVEP17
Your Price: $25.00

Alvin - Stanley Bostitch - Manual Pencil Sharpener
Item #: ALVMPS1
Your Price: $24.89

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