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Alvin Kits and Sets- Alvin offers beginner sets for Interior Design Drafting, Architectural and Engineering Drafting. These sets come with everything you need to begin, such as protractors, triangles, compass, cutting mats and more!

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Alvin - Interior Design - Tables and Chairs - 1/4 inch scale Template
Item #: ALV717R
Your Price: $26.25

Alvin - Beginners Architectural Drafting Kit
Item #: ALVBDK-1A
Your Price: $66.50

Alvin - Beginners Engineering Drafting Kit
Item #: ALVBDK-1E
Your Price: $68.50

Alvin - Interior Design - Kitchen Bed and Bath - 1/4 inch scale Template
Item #: ALVTD7161
Your Price: $19.10

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