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Alien - Spray Paint - Mingus Green - 250ml

Alien - Spray Paint - Mingus Green - 250ml

Item #: ALNRV-61

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Alien - Spray Paint - Mingus Green - 250ml - Alien is the essential product for high quality and precision artwork and it is particularly well suited for indoor applications. Ease of use, powerful control, and a slew of interesting colors, Alien supports the need for artistic dexterity.Alien features a highly sensitive, low pressure, female valve with a high pigment concentration and a satin finish. Available in 70 colors, 64 of which are arranged in 5 step chromatic gradations.

250ml / 8.5 fluid ounces. Synthetic Enamel, Satin finish, Low Pressure Valve and skinny pro nozzle/cap.

Cap Reccomendations: Standard tip which comes at point of purchase is the Skinny Pro cap. It is a special cap with the ability to produce extremely fine detailed lines.* The Alien valve will not accept any cap Banana Caps and American style small button caps are unusable with Alien.The top four caps recommended are Skinny Pro, Universal, Superskinny (either Grey or Gold dot), and Pinkdot fat cap.

** Flammable Item : This item may only be delivered via Ground Shipping.

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