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Golden Specialty Grounds - A Ground is a product that provides a desired surface on which to paint. Grounds can provide a surface to apply pastels, watercolor or other products. GOLDEN makes two specialty grounds: Absorbent Ground and Acrylic Ground for Pastels. Absorbent Ground is applied to any gessoed support and mimics the absorbency of watercolor paper. Acrylic Ground for Pastels contains a gritty solid to allow pastels and other drawing media to adhere to the surface. Many other GOLDEN products can be used as effective grounds.

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Golden - Acrylic Medium - Absorbent Ground (White) - 8 oz
Item #: GOL3555-5
List Price: $17.19
Your Price: $12.89

Golden - Acrylic Medium - Absorbent Ground (White) - 16 oz
Item #: GOL3555-6
List Price: $28.89
Your Price: $21.67

Golden - Acrylic Medium - Absorbent Ground (White) - 32 oz
Item #: GOL3555-7
List Price: $44.39
Your Price: $33.29

Golden - Acrylic Medium - Absorbent Ground (White) - 128 oz
Item #: GOL3555-8
List Price: $124.89
Your Price: $93.67

Golden - Acrylic Medium - Digital Ground Non-Porous Surfaces - 8 oz
Item #: GOL3566-5
List Price: $19.79
Your Price: $14.84

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